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Little Acting
The day-to-day adventures at Puyallup Children's Theater & Music Academy

Little Acting

A Brain-Based Preschool

by Becky Cain-Kellogg, M.Ed. on 02/06/17

On Saturday, we had a wonderful our first Open House and Information Session for the 2017-18 school year of Puyallup Preschool of the Performing Arts. It was wonderful to meet so many new folks and visit with those who are returning. While the goal at Puyallup Preschool of the Performing Arts is to always let our students grow and shine while making music, dancing to the music and acting and singing to the music, I wanted to take a moment to let folks know what goes on "behind" the fun of these activities!  

The learning of music (playing an instrument) has a clear developmental path, that correlates to the child's age and development. In children (ages 2-5) that learn to play an instrument that utilizes their non-dominant hand, there is evidence of a larger cortical area in the sensory cortex (the areas of the brain responsible for concerned with receiving and interpreting sensory information from various parts of the body). Children that begin to play prior to age 5 showed the greatest changes, suggesting a model for critical periods of soma sensory development through music instruction.* (Schlaug, Jancke & Pratt, 1995b).

Most have heard about people being either left-brained (having strong math/logic skills) or right-brained (creative/aritistic). But does a person have to be one or the other? Not if music study is started early! By starting music study early (between the ages of 3 to 8), a child can benefit form enhanced inter hemispheric brain activity - the right and left sides of the brain working together. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have shown that the fibers in the corpus callous, which connect the two hemispheres of the brain, as as much as 15% larger in musicians that began music study before age 8, compared to non-musicians.*(Schlaug, Jancke, Huang, Staiger & Steinmetz, 1995) Isn't a bigger brain a good thing? 

Well, that's just a few interesting benefits of starting music study young. Our next Open House/Information Session for Puyallup Preschool of the Performing Arts on on Sunday, February 26 from 2:00-6:00. Come on by and see the amazing benefits this type of education will have for your child! Till next time -



*Studies cited taken from "Arts with the Brain in Mind" by Eric Jensen.

Zachary's Music

by Becky Cain-Kellogg, M.Ed. on 01/27/17

I just wanted to invite everyone to the cabaret on March 10 & 11 at 8:00 pm that the theater is hosting in order to feature the original compositions of our Music Director, Zachary Kellogg!  Zachary has written the music (and scripts) for our Bound for Broadway program of the last 4 years. Every show seems to out perform the last!!! Our current production (in rehearsal, see for tickets), The Wind in the Willows has absolutely adorable music accompanying an assortment of moles, rats, weasels and, of course, Mr. Toad!!!

For those who don't know about Zach, here is his "official" bio:

Zachary Kellogg, is an internationally acclaimed classical and jazz artist and composer. As a First Prize winner of the Alexander and Buono International Flute Competition, Zachary made his solo Carnegie Hall Debut October 2010.
     Hailed as a true Child Prodigy by the International Congress for Gifted and Talented Children, Zachary is also a three-time winner of the National Flute Association Jazz Flute Big Band Competition; was named Outstanding Soloist at the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival; and took 2nd Place at the MTNA National Competition. Locally, Zachary is the winner of the Seattle Young Artist Competition; Cascade Symphony’s Rising Star Competition, 2-time winner of Seattle Flute Society’s Horsfall Competition and was a Seattle Chamber Music Society Emerging Artist. He also has appeared on several local news and arts TV programs in the Seattle area.
      In 2009, Zachary was signed by Pony Boy Records and released his debut jazz CD “Red Velvet” in July of 2010. Zachary had the honor of being Pearl Flute's headline artist at MusicFest Canada 2012. During this appearance he was soloist with the Toronto Wind Orchestra and presented master classes in classical, jazz and stage presence to some of Canada’s leading young musicians.
      In 2012, Zachary was hired to be a part of Ali Ryerson's  Jazz Flute Big Band Recording, "Game Changer" that was released in August 2013 and spent 10 weeks in the top 10 iTunes Jazz Charts. Zachary has also performed with such jazz greats as Hubert Laws, Holly Hofmann, Ali Ryerson, Mike Wofford and YouTube sensation Greg Pattillo. 
      In addition to his responsibilities at  Puyallup Children's Theater, Zachary also maintains an active teaching studio and is busy part of the Tacoma/Puyallup Music Theater community, frequently serving as music director and accompanist  (on both flute and piano) at such venues as Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Tacoma Little Theater, Auburn Ave. and Lakewood Playhouse. He has also served as choreographer, music director and artistic director for many other theatrical productions. Additionally, Zachary has composed the original score for many Puyallup Children’s Theater performances, including: “Alice In Wonderland,” “Robin Hood” and “Aladdin", among others.

Tickets for the Cabaret can be found here:

Don't miss this amazing event!!!

Happy New Year!

by Becky Cain-Kellogg, M.Ed. on 01/01/17

It is hard to believe that 2016 has come and gone! We have had such an exciting year at Puyallup Children's Theater & Music Academy. We are so lucky to get to work with so many wonderful children and their families - and watch them grow in their performance skills, their self-confidence and have such fun along the way. 

Get a quick look at some of the fun we've had in the link below: 

This past year - 2016 - was especially exciting for us as we moved into our new theater space. We now have classrooms, a lesson studio, a larger theater and so much more. What started out as a 2 year endeavor has flourished, as we are in year number 7! 

We are looking forward to 2017 and our upcoming winter quarter. Fun productions of Wind in the Willows; Mr. Toad's Wild Ride; Pinocchio; and The Little Red Hen. Plus KinderTheater and KinderDance have returned to our line-up. We have also added a violin class; and several one day workshops. Additionally, homeschool band, orchestra and Puyallup Preschool of the Performing Arts continue into the New Year. 

The staff of Puyallup Children's Theater & Music Academy would like to wish you and yours a wonderful 2017!!! 

Becky & Co. 

In the Paper! And other stuff....

by Becky Cain-Kellogg, M.Ed. on 12/23/16

We are so excited about the fabulous article that was written about Puyallup Children's Theater in the Puyallup Herald. It also talks about the new City of Puyallup Arts and Culture Commission! I'm so looking forward to the exciting possibilities for both the Theater and the Commission!! You can read the article here:

In other news, we are busy getting ready for Winter Quarter 2017 at Puyallup Children's Theater & Music Academy. Our quarterly open is on January 7 from 10:00-3:00. Be sure to come by and see our new facility and talk about our fabulous upcoming classes and productions. Some new additions to our class line-up for this quarter include several one day workshops and a violin class for 3 to 6 year olds. We have three Bound for Broadway casts doing "Wind in the Willows" and two next step casts doing "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride." Also,  KinderTheater and KinderDance are also back!!! 

Also be sure to mark you calendars for Jan. 1! That's when preschool registration starts for the 2017-18 school year. Our Preschool of the Performing Arts will be joined by Music Immersion preschool - so students can do either 2 days or 4!! 

All registration can be completed on our website at: or

I think that is all that I have to share for today! Look forward to seeing everyone in January!


Our New Theater

by Becky Cain-Kellogg, M.Ed. on 12/09/16

It's hard to believe that this is already the third weekend of performances in our wonderful new theater! Tonight, our Bound for Broadway Blue Cast makes their debut in the space, performing Zachary Kellogg's original music, "Jekyll & Frankenstein." Last weekend our 2 Next Step casts took to the stage with "The Velveteen Rabbit" and the weekend before that our Stewpot Theater (for students with special needs) did an amazing job with a musical version of Three Nanny Goats Gruff. 

When we opened our doors 7 years ago, we planned to do 2 years then I would write curriculum based on those two years. Then we went 2 more. Then 2 more. Finally, this summer as we were about to begin our 7th year, it was becoming very obvious that we had outgrown the 1200 square foot storefront where our little theater community began. The space right next door was available. It was quite a bit larger and would offer, not only a larger theater for performances, but a preschool classroom for Puyallup Preschool of the Performing Arts; a dance classroom; a private lesson studio; greenroom/dressing room space; a bathroom backstage for the actor; and -what seem to matter most to everyone - air conditioning!!!!

So thanks to several WONDERFUL parent volunteers, that have so willingly donated many, many hours as we demolished walls and in about 10 weeks have transformed the space into Puyallup Children's Theater & Music Academy!

Much more will come, along with pictures of our wonderful new space. For now, however, I just want to thank all of the wonderful actors, musicians, dancers and their families that have become a part of the Puyallup Children's Theater & Music Academy family! We love and appreciate everyone of you - and look forward to many more wonderful performances!!!! 

Becky, Zachary, Kamryn, Erinne & Bethany